Whether you want a security screen door to add extra security, keep out pests, or simply improve air-flow, you should be looking for a product that is designed to last.

Of course, the style of your security screen door is important too. With today’s improved technology and new designs, you’ll be able to enhance security without compromising on aesthetics.

Whatever your reason is for installing a security screen door, here are a few questions to ask yourself before you make your final decision.

What Materials Should Your Screen Door Be Made From?

Crimsafe mesh screenA security door is specifically built with safety in mind. Therefore, it features unique elements, strong materials and secure locking mechanisms.

With over two-thirds of robberies in Australia occurring as a result of unlocked doors and windows, a security door is the first and most important line of defence you can have for your home.

When choosing a security screen door, it’s useful to take into account all the various construction materials and technology available on the market today.

Screen doors are usually made of a metal alloy, aluminium or steel. While all of these materials are strong enough for to provide a security barrier, aluminium is preferred. Aluminium is more expensive because it doesn’t rust and is of high quality.

Crimsafe security screen doors feature aluminium frames and 0.9mm-thick stainless-steel mesh screens. This mesh allows for more airflow and visibility and can significantly reduce heat transfer.

With proper treatment and powder coating, these screen doors can resist rust for eight to 10 years, after which they can be recoated.

To Mesh or Not to Mesh?

A 2001 study of 50 ex-burglars by security company Friedland concluded that an unsecured household takes less than two minutes to break into compared to the average home burglary, which takes 10 minutes.

The average screen door is realistically only designed to keep out pests – and is rather flimsy and can easily be opened.

For an additional layer of protection, it’s smart to invest in a proper security screen door. Crimsafe security screen doors feature 304 Tensile-Tuff® Security Mesh, which is locked in a Screw-Clamp™ vice grip for amazing stability.

This structure resists all kinds of blunt instruments and sharp impacts that may be used during an attempted break-in.

What Climate Do You Live In?

garden with a table and chairs and shade sail

Screen doors are common features of homes in hot climates, both to increase airflow throughout the home and to keep out pests. Some screens can’t withstand harsh weather well, and, anyone without screens might leave a window open by accident to escape the heat – which opens the home to crime and pests.

The Australian climate is particularly harsh, with extreme heat and turbulent winds, which can cause corrosion. While you want to choose a security screen door that will protect you against pests and the elements, you’ll also want a security screen door that can withstand our harsh climate.

Crimsafe security screen doors are energy efficient, meaning heat loss / gain via the door is minimal  — an important factor to consider when changing your door. The 1/16th-inch aperture-sized screens prevent fire embers from entering homes and can reduce heat by 53%. They can also reduce radiant heat intensity by 59% and allow for more airflow than security screen doors made from other materials.

What Security Standards Are You Considering?

Burglar trying to break in through a security door

If a potential intruder arrives at your home, they will decide whether or not to persist in entering. This is usually dependent on the level of security surrounding your home.

And many intruders also return for another attempt.

Therefore, creating as many barriers as possible between the intruder and entry to your home is crucial. Such barriers can include fencing, gates, CCTV, and alarm systems, as well as security doors and windows.

Your security screen door needs to meet certain standards to guarantee protection for your home. Industry safety standards for security screens in Australia incorporate five strength tests, including: dynamic impact, jemmy, pull, knife shear, and probe.

Crimsafe security doors meet, if not exceed, all industry and safety standards. They feature three-point locking and hinging, patented Screw-Clamp™ technology and incredibly strong structural-grade stainless-steel mesh. They also feature attractive mid-rails and are available in a range of sizes and styles.

What Kind of Door Do You Prefer?

Regular screen doors made with standard-issue mesh, locks and materials have a series of weak spots.

By contrast, Crimsafe supply a range of robust, reliable security screen doors which exceed Australian safety standards. Crimsafe offers the best of security – without compromising on style.

The Crimsafe product range includes a variety of colours, finishes and styles, including hinged, bi-fold, sliding, stacking and French. For a stronger design statement, there are also a number of decorative styles available.

When choosing your security screen door, be sure to do your homework. A solid understanding of the various options available, and the level of security presented by each, will mean you can make an informed decision.

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