Safe-S-Capes - Fire Escape Security Windows in Perth

Safe-s-capes security window screen

Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape screens allow you to open up your window screen in case of emergency.

Crimsafe’s Safe-S-Capes are keyless emergency exit products for window spaces.

They let you quickly exit in a fire or other emergency, but they are just as hard to penetrate from the outside.

Our Safe-S-Cape screens, as with all of Clearview Security’s products, feature Crimsafe’s unique mesh and Screw-Clamp™ technology, along with a triple “anti-jemmy” design that protects the lock.

With a Safe-S-Cape installed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is as secure as it can be from the outside, but you can exit in seconds if you need to.

Other benefits of our Safe-S-Cape security window screens are that they can be used for a kitchen servery, or provide easy access to clean your glass windows.

Features and Benefits

Keyless exit and quick release

Peace of mind, knowing that in an emergency you can get out of the house fast thanks to the one-touch and push release.

Full length locking stile & integrated hinge

Increased strength & resistance under attack and no sagging.

Three-tiered anti-jemmy system

A burglar must get through 3 physical barriers to get at the Safe-S-Cape’s lock.

Easy access to window surface

Crimsafe panel swings away from the exterior window surface, enabling easy cleaning.

Screw-clamp security

Only Crimsafe clamps 304 Tensile Tuff® Security Mesh between 2 serrated pieces of metal, then drives a screw right through both mesh and frame to ensure a vice-like grip.

Tamper resistant screws

Exclusive to Crimsafe. This means screws can only be applied or removed by a tool registered with Crimsafe.

Blocks Heat Transfer

Fixed screens block out 53% of solar heat gain through windows, keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Save on power by reducing running cost of air-conditioning.

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