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Clearview Security are the leading providers of security door installation to Perth homes and businesses.

As WA’s longest-serving licensed manufacturers of Crimsafe, we can deliver a product of superior quality to other security grill doors on the market.

Featuring patented “Screw-Clamp”™ technology and Tensile-Tuff® 304 structural-grade stainless steel mesh, Crimsafe consistently outperforms competing products and enables us to produce what are arguably the best security doors in Perth.

Increase security and enhance your lifestyle with a stylish, yet strong Crimsafe security door.

Clearview Security manufactures and installs a variety of Crimsafe doors, available in a wide range of colours and designs to suit the style of your building.​


What are the Benefits of Mesh Security Doors?

  • Increased security
  • Protection from insects
  • Airflow
  • Improved safety for children and pets

Attractive and presentable, our Perth quality security screen doors come in a range of different styles, including stackable, sliding and hinged doors. Our entire product suite comes with standard three-point parrot beak-style grip-locking, for your ultimate peace of mind.

With an extensive range of powder-coated colours and a variety of timber-look finishes, you will be sure to find the perfect security door to suit your home’s (or business’s!) entryways.

For a more unique design, check out our decorative colonial, federation and retro-style doors. We can also create bespoke security door designs to your exact specifications.

Keep your home cool and safe with a Crimsafe door from Clearview Security, the leaders in quality-made security doors and safety screens in Perth.

Types of Security Doors


About Crimsafe Steel & Aluminium Security Doors

Crimsafe are leaders in Australian home security solutions, offering the highest quality security doors, screens and windows, which feature aluminium frames and stainless-steel mesh.

All Crimsafe products – including security doors – installed​ by Clearview Security must pass 5 strength tests to ensure they can stand strong in an attempted break-in: dynamic impact test, jemmy test, pull test, knife shear test, and probe test.

Other benefits of Crimsafe include:

Fireproofing: Up to BAL 40 in bushfire-prone areas.

Child and pet safe: Crimsafe security screens and doors allow you to leave your primary door open without worrying about the kids or pets leaving the house – or anyone else entering your home.

Protection from intruders and insects: Built to act as a first line of defense for break-ins.

What are the Features & Benefits of our Security Doors?

Above & Beyond Australian Standards

Crimsafe Standard and Ultimate doors always exceed the relevant Australian and industry standards for security. Learn more about Crimsafe testing and performance.

3-Point Locking/Triple Lock System

All our hinged, sliding and front security door options come with a 3-point parrot-beak grip-lock for added security.

Attractive Mid-Rails

Our mid-rail option is an attractive feature that can be positioned to match the existing features of your home. It boosts the door’s strength and anti-jemmy properties and also acts as a visual warning, so you don’t walk into the door.

Screw-Clamp™ Security

Only Crimsafe products clamp 304 Tensile Tuff® Security Mesh between 2 serrated pieces of metal, then drive a screw right through both mesh and frame to ensure a vice-like grip for the best quality security doors in Perth.

Flexible Size

If your door space isn’t a standard size, don’t worry. All our doors are custom-made and can be manufactured to suit any opening without losing strength.

Insect Resistant

Crimsafe flyscreens do a great job keeping out mosquitoes and other pesky bugs and are much stronger than traditional fly screens.


Why Choose Clearview Security?

Clearview Security have over 25 years of experience in the home security industry. As Perth’s longest-serving licensed supplier and manufacturer of Crimsafe products, we provide superior security doors, windows and security film products that stand up to unwanted intruders.

All our security products exceed Australian security standards and are covered by a 10+ year warranty. So you can rest assured that your home will remain secure for years to come.

  • Guaranteed Durability – We are so confident in the durability and strength of our products that, in the unlikely event that someone breaks through a Clearview Security Crimsafe screen or door, we will cover the costs of the insurance excess!
  • Experienced and Fantastic Service – We have over 20 years of experience in providing security solutions across Perth. In that time, we have helped thousands of customers protect their homes and businesses.
  • Wide Range – All our security doors, screen doors and screens are extensive, and we can make custom-made products tailored to the exact dimensions or style you are looking for. Whether you are interested in an ornate, decorative front door security solution, or a streamlined, minimal-look back door, we are sure to have something which meets your needs. We also offer security pet doors for dogs and cats!


Security Door Prices

Security door costs will vary depending on a number of factors including size, the material used (Crimsafe or Crimsafe Ultimate), style, finish, and any extras you may choose to add.

Your security door installation price will depend on the size of the job as well as other specifications – such as whether bifold or sliding doors are being installed. We will quote this once we’ve measured up and you have selected your chosen door(s).

Get a free quote for your project with our online quoting tool.




Clearview Security are centrally located in Osborne Park, WA and offer security door and window installation services across Perth’s greater metro area.


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