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About Aubin Grove

Aubin Grove, located in Western Australia, is a charming suburb that offers the perfect blend of modern living and historical roots. With its origins dating back to the early 1800s, this suburb has a rich history that can be experienced through its beautiful heritage buildings and cultural landmarks.

Walking through the tree-lined streets of Aubin Grove, you’ll come across the iconic Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, a popular tourist spot that showcases the town’s strong Catholic influence. Along with this, the suburb also boasts of a bustling town center with a variety of local shops, cafes, and restaurants, where residents can socialize and unwind after a long day.

But what truly sets Aubin Grove apart is its commitment to safety and security. And in this aspect, Clearview Security is a trusted partner for both residential and commercial property owners. With their premium security screen solutions, they provide peace of mind for families and businesses alike, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all. So if you’re looking for the perfect combination of history, culture, and safety, Aubin Grove is the ideal place to call home.

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Security Products for Aubin Grove

Aubin Grove has grown to become a varied locale integrated in the greater Perth region, boasting a strong balance of residential and commercial properties.

If you own a home or business in Aubin Grove it’s worth considering quality residential or commercial security supplies that will both provide a safer property and an increased market value, while allowing you to enjoy the great weather the area gets year-round.

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Security Screens Aubin Grove

Do you want maximum protection for your property? One of the best ways to increase the security of your home or business while still being able to enjoy the great weather Aubin Grove provides is with security screens..

Our security screens are designed to be strong, durable, and light - with installation also being a simple process thanks to a streamlined design that allows for being added to existing doors and windows. Your home or business will thank you!

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Security Doors Aubin Grove

For more secure entryways for your Aubin Grove property, a security door is the perfect solution. Clearview Security strives to ensure their security screen doors boost both style and security for the homes they’re installed in so they can stay stylish while protecting families and businesses.

The security doors and screens we offer come in a wide range of colours and styles. Hinged, stackable, bifold, decorative, and sliding doors are all available to give your home or business the presentation you desire most.

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Security Windows Aubin Grove

If you’re looking to improve the security of the windows in your Aubin Grove home, Clearview Security has you covered. We provide window screens that are easy to install and have passed rigorous security and strength tests.

Our screens can be installed for casement, hopper, hinged, awning, sliding, double-hung, and sash windows - all while maintaining a thin design that can block heat transfer. Want a window that helps lower your heating costs in the metro Perth weather? Clearview Security windows are for you.

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Patio Enclosures Aubin Grove

We know that Aubin Grove homes are a good fit for patios - but what if you want more security AND functionality? That’s where our patio enclosures come in.

Our own specialist installation tradesmen have the experience and knowledge to install a range of patio enclosures in various materials and colours. These enclosures can create an outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year round, regardless of the Aubin Grove weather, while adding additional protection from unwanted intruders and bugs.

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Crimsafe Aubin Grove

Clearview Security have been supplying Crimsafe security screens to properties in Aubin Grove for years. Being screwed directly into the frame and being made of aluminium and stainless steel, they are able to provide even stronger security screens for your property.

We can supply tailor-made Crimsafe framing that suits your property’s needs and the door or window it needs to be installed in. When it comes to improving airflow and security while maintaining a great view of the local area, look no further than Crimsafe screens.

3M Window Security Film Aubin Grove

You can never make your home too secure - and the 3M security film is the perfect example of this. This film can be installed along with Crimsafe screens to provide the ultimate in security for windows.

The 3M window security film’s main function is to prevent windows from shattering when hit - adding an extra layer of protection to windows. Clearview Security can install this film with fantastic service and while adhering to all local government regulations for Aubin Grove and other surrounds.

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