crimsafe security screen cross-section

Clearview Security are the longest serving licensed suppliers of Crimsafe security doors and windows in Perth, WA.

Crimsafe is the only security screen product in Australia where the mesh is screwed into the frame, using tamper-resistant stainless-steel screws, and clamped down with a patented device called the “Screw-Clamp™.”’

This Screw-Clamp™ enables the force of any impact to be absorbed and dispersed around the frame, so the mesh remains intact. This allows the mesh to withstand tremendous force and is what gives Crimsafe unrivalled resistance to attack.

Most other security screen mesh systems, on the other hand, are simply held in place with a plastic wedge which is forced in under pressure, or are glued in.

Crimsafe security screens will actually protect your home and your family, or your business, from intruders and would-be thieves.

At Clearview Security, we only work with the strongest and most reliable products. For this reason, we only use Crimsafe in our range of security mesh products.

We are so confident in Crimsafe’s reliability, that we offer a 10-year warranty, with the option to extend your warranty to 12 years for Crimsafe Regular, or to 15 years with Crimsafe Ultimate – without any additional fees.

Crimsafe Steel & Aluminium Security Doors

What kind of Crimsafe screen will you need?

When considering a Crimsafe security door or window, you need to think about how much security you need, the design and the budget you’ve set:

  • The design – Crimsafe can be custom-designed to suit your your needs and to complement the design of your home or business premises.
  • The colour – Crimsafe frames can be powder-coated to match your house’s colour pallet, whilst also enhancing the durability of the frame
  • Style and practicality – Bi-folding, hinged and sliding doors, as well as window and security exit screens are designed and built to suit any space.
  • Airflow needs – Crimsafe screens allow on average 53% airflow. Compared to privacy mesh, Crimsafe allows much better airflow through your home or office and helps maintain a healthier interior in all seasons.
  • A clearer view – High-quality security screens will maintain the visibility of your outdoor surroundings and allow plenty of light in, so you can enjoy the view from inside your home / office.

Different Types of Crimsafe

Crimsafe Regular

Crimsafe Regular is the original security screen that revolutionised the industry and offers affordable, entry-level
protection for your family and home.

Crimsafe Classic

Protect your family and your property with Crimsafe Classic, the new benchmark in security screens offering the renowned strength of Crimsafe, with smoother, cleaner lines. Reinforced with the proven strength of carbon fibre, the exclusive CF6 Screw-Clamp™ bites down on the stainless steel mesh on impact, with a vice-like grip

Crimsafe Ultimate

Take your home security to the next level with the superior strength, versatility and architectural styling of Crimsafe Ultimate. Materials and technology combine to deliver a superior Crimsafe product that offers extraordinary resistance to attack, providing ultimate protection for your home and family that’s up to seven times stronger than the Australian Standard.

Crimsafe Security Screen Doors at a Perth home

How much safer does Crimsafe make my home / office?

To intruders, security doors and windows are a physical deterrent which makes it more difficult to gain entry to a building, even if the intruders have the equipment required to penetrate the screen.

Independent testing shows that Crimsafe screens can absorb more impact than other security screen products. Modern security doors are rated against force, including direct impacts and attempted leverage of the door frame fixtures. By law, security doors must pass a number of tests to be deemed ‘security doors.’ These include: dynamic impact; jimmy; knife shear; and pull and probe tests.

Australian Standards set out the level of quality required for all security door products sold in Australia. Crimsafe passes, if not exceeds, standards for impact, jimmy and knife-shear testing, to ensure our screens provide the highest level of protection against intruders.

And thanks to Crimsafe’s exclusive Screw-Clamp™ technology and Tensile-Tuff® 304 structural-grade stainless steel mesh, it consistently outperforms competitor products and is arguably the safest security screen product on the market.

How does Crimsafe work?

Crimsafe uses Tensile-Tuff® 304 structural-grade stainless-steel security mesh, featuring structural-grade wire strands which are woven together in such a rigid way that each strand supports the those surrounding it.

The mesh is insulated by Santoprene rubber, a patented product designed to reduce water penetration and salt build-up; withstand UV exposure; and eliminate galvanic corrosion of the metals.

The mesh is clamped down with the exclusive (and patented) “Screw-Clamp™, which bites down on the mesh, holding it into the frame. The mesh is then secured by tamper-resistant stainless-steel screws.

This patented technology enables the force of any impact to be absorbed and dispersed around the frame, so the mesh remains intact. This allows the mesh to withstand tremendous force and is what gives Crimsafe unrivalled resistance to attack.

crimsafe security screen cross-section

What is Crimsafe made of?


Aluminium is one of the most durable products used in security doors today and unlike iron, aluminium does not rust. It is resistant to corrosion and will not weaken over time.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel refers to a family of corrosion-resistant alloy steels which have a higher resistance to corrosion. Crimsafe uses a superior 0.9mm diameter 304-grade structural grade stainless steel wire in our mesh. This mesh has a lifespan of approximately 65 years. High-grade pre-treatment and high durability powder coat technologies are applied to protect the finished product so it will not rust.

Quality guarantee

At Clearview Security, we only work with the strongest and most reliable products. We only use Crimsafe in our range of security screen products. You also get peace of mind with a 12 or 15 year warranty (depending on which product you select)


Thanks to Crimsafe’s exclusive technology and high-grade materials and components, it is arguably the safest security screen product on the market.

Natural Light & Ventilation

Crimsafe security screen doors and windows allow in beautiful natural light and ventilate your home / premises with fresh outdoor air. They are designed to let you safely open up the house to air and light while you’re at home, enabling you to reduce spending on your heating and cooling.


Crimsafe can be used in bushfire prone areas and is tested and approved up to BAL 40.

Crimsafe Fire Attenuation

Crimsafe screens can also be used as an attenuation solution when buildings in or close to the boundary to reduce radiant heat and reduce the risk of fire spread to and from neighbouring properties.

Kid and Pet Safety

Create a safety barrier for young children and pets to prevent them accidentally exiting the home.


The strong mesh can provide you with security and privacy.

Enjoy an insect-free space

High-quality screens should feature a similar aperture to that of a flyscreen, to keep out insects such as mosquitos, wasps and bees.

Why Choose Clearview Security?

Quality Guaranteed

We are confident with the quality of all door and window security screens we sell and install.

All products are covered by a 12 to 15 year warranty, so you can relax knowing that your home or commercial premises is protected.


Our team has been in the home security industry for over 20 years. We value customer service and support and have hundreds of happy customers to show for it.


At Clearview Security, safety always comes first.

We want everyone to be able to access the best home security solutions, which is why we offer a range of payment options to allow a smooth transaction for all customers.

Wide Range

Our range of security windows and doors is extensive; we produce security doors in a multitude of colours and finishes to suit your home/premises.

We can custom build security windows and doors to your exact specifications and have something to suit all styles and budgets.

If you are looking for an added layer of security, you can also consider fitting security film to your windows or fixed glass panels, to add an additional barrier to unwanted intruders.

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