According to recent stats, the average burglar will choose to enter your home through the front door over any other option.  With this being the case, front door security is your first line of defence against break-ins and theft.

Taking effective steps to ensure your front door doesn’t tempt the neighbourhood burglar, in large part buys safety for you and your items!

For any thief, their primary concern is doing their job quickly and quietly.  If your home looks secure, from a burglar’s point of view, this means too much work and risk.  They’ll avoid and move on to an easier target.

If you are not sure exactly where to start with securing your front entry, this easy guide will help point you in the right direction, giving you steps to take to keep your front door from being the weak link in your home’s security.


What are security doors?

It’s not uncommon to confuse security-screens with similar looking fixtures such as fly-screen fitted entrances, which don’t offer any real security.

A reliable security screen that is going to be effective needs to:


Benefits of Security Doors

The most obvious reason to install a security door is just that, security.  It is a big deterrent for thieves and will keep your house from being a target for break-ins.

Security doors are constructed with indestructability in mind, from secure non-removable hinges, rigid frame, to intricate locking mechanism.  The mesh used on true security doors also cannot be cut.  When a security door is in place, the job for a burglar is made infinitely more difficult – which is of course exactly what you want!

With security as the focus, it can be easy to overlook several additional bonuses of having a security door in place.

Let’s take a closer look:

sliding security doors


1) Improves ventilation and light

The mesh screen enables airflow and natural light into the entrance of your home without compromising safety.  As a security door owner, you’ll appreciate the advantage of being able to ventilate and clear out stale air, keeping mould at bay and enjoying the simple pleasure of having a natural breeze flow into your home.

The movement of air can also significantly reduce heat inside your home in hot summer months and help save on air-conditioning costs.


2) Keep insects at bay

In warmer months, security doors allow cool breezes in whilst keeping insects out.  This is especially welcome when fly and mosquito season strikes.

Security screens also keep leaves and other small pieces of lightweight debris from blowing into your home.  Not only this, but neighbourhood pets are also kept from wandering inside your property.


3) Add value to your home

Home owners who install a security door find their investment more than pays a return.  This is true, not only terms of basic safety peace-of-mind, but also practically, financially and aesthetically too.  When it comes time for resale your security door will be regarded as a value-add.

If you decide to lease your property, there are minimum security requirements your property will need to meet.  Having a security door in place will very much assist with this, and be an attractive feature for tenants helping you lease your property, faster.  Security doors are also tailored with aesthetics in mind, giving your home additional street appeal.


4) Protect your home and reduce insurance costs

The immediate protection of your home with the addition of security doors means you may also pay less on your insurance policy.  Prove to your insurer that you’ve taken measures to make your home more secure.

By lowering the risk of break-in, you’ve also lowered the risk taken by the insurance company, as such your premium should be reduced.  To add even more security, consider installing a security alarm and camera.  Also improve visibility by trimming back any large foliage around your property.


5) Privacy

When it comes to security door design and privacy, the mesh acts like a two way mirror.  Whilst you’ll easily be able to see outside, it’s almost impossible for someone to see inside.  Of course there are different designs allowing for different levels of privacy.  This flexibility allows control over your personal privacy preferences.


Alternative and other security fixtures

In addition to security doors, you’ll also want to consider securing other potential entry points, like windows.

Roller shutters are an excellent security choice and also help insulate homes from extreme temperatures, however when closed (and effective for security purposes), they also eliminate up to 99 percent of available incoming light.

This has advantages, especially for any insomniacs amongst us, but it’s not always ideal.

As another option, window security screens offer a very practical and effective solution when fresh air and natural light are what you’re after.

Also growing in popularity for window security are 3M Safety and Security Window Films.  These provide shatter-protection and work to keep your home safe from break-ins as well as from extreme storm conditions, high impact wind speeds – and UV rays.

front security door


Why get security doors

From peace of mind to lower insurance premiums, getting an efficient security door fitted makes incredibly good sense.  The level of security you need depends on how safe you feel in your neighbourhood.

If you have become aware that break-ins in your area are on the increase, then investing in a security door is a very smart first step in keeping your own home safe.

If you’d like more personal support as to your own specific needs, be sure to get in touch with us.  We’d be only too happy to hear about your own situation – and to help you however we can.