We all want to feel safe in our homes, but when it comes to home security solutions, there are usually many questions.

How do you know which home security system is the best for your home? What types of home security systems can you really rely on? Is it even worth it to buy a home security system?

We’re going to walk you through some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to home security. The goal? To put your mind at ease when it comes to the safety of your home.

Today’s home security options are smarter and more affordable than ever. There are two types of protection that you can get for your home: home monitoring systems and physical barrier systems.

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The Best Home Monitoring Security Systems

There are many different monitoring systems available to protect your home, some more affordable than others, all offering protection for your home. While there are many great choices – like Nest Secure, Simplisafe, Wink’s Lookout System, and Ring – the best home security system for you will likely depend on what you need.

Most systems – whether being professional installation jobs or a DIY home security system – include two features: cameras and alarms.


In the evolving landscape of home protection, security cameras play a pivotal role in fortifying the sanctuary of one’s home. Integrating both indoor and outdoor cameras into a security system acts as the eyes and ears of a property, offering real-time surveillance and contributing significantly to the layered defence of a smart home security setup.

These cameras not only deter potential intruders by their mere presence but also provide invaluable visual evidence in the event of a security breach, thus enhancing the overall efficacy of a security system.

Opting for professional monitoring services elevates the functionality of security cameras, offering an additional layer of protection. With professional monitoring, homeowners are assured that their property is under constant vigilance.

In the case of any suspicious activity or security anomaly, these services promptly alert the homeowners and, if necessary, the local authorities, ensuring a swift response to any potential threats.

This amalgamation of advanced camera technology and professional monitoring services crafts a robust and comprehensive security solution, granting peace of mind to homeowners investing in the safety of their abode.

One of the main considerations when setting up a camera system is deciding whether to self-monitor or to pay a subscription for someone else to monitor for you. If you opt for the subscription option, those monitoring your home will also contact your local fire and police departments when an alarm has been triggered.

With the technology available these days you can use your smartphone or tablet to keep tabs on your home. Many of these cameras include sensors that will alert you when there is motion in your home or property. These sensors can usually be adjusted in case you have normal activity at home like pet movement.


Alarms are a cornerstone in the construction of a robust home security system, serving as the initial line of defence against potential intruders.

Home security alarm systems are intricately designed to detect unauthorised entry, utilising door and window sensors to monitor the integrity of a home’s access points. When a breach is detected, these alarm systems are programmed to trigger a loud siren, drawing immediate attention to the property and often causing intruders to abort their attempts.

The integration of door and window sensors in home alarm systems is essential for creating a complete home security system. These sensors act as vigilant guards, monitoring the openings of a house and promptly activating the alarm when an irregular breach is detected.

The benefit of having a comprehensive alarm system is twofold; it acts as a deterrent, discouraging would-be intruders from targeting the property, and as a rapid response mechanism, alerting homeowners and, if connected to monitoring services, the relevant authorities.

Alarm systems are popular because the sound system will alert you of a night-time intrusion and potentially scare away someone breaking into your home. Not only will the sound let you and all your neighbours know that there’s someone breaking in, but many alarm systems can be set up to automatically alert the local authorities. This knowledge alone will help intruders make the choice to leave your house alone.

Security Door

Physical Barriers

For effective home security, it’s important to not only monitor your house and surrounding property but to also make it difficult for an intruder to enter. One of the easiest ways that intruders gain entry into a home is by breaking weak locks or breaking open a window. Crimsafe is a popular brand that uses reinforced windows and doors to keep thieves out.

Security Doors

Utilising the latest technology, Crimsafe’s security doors feature three locking points, Tensile-Tuff® 304 structural-grade stainless steel mesh and a patented device called the ‘screw-clamp.’ This provides additional strength and security and enables Crimsafe doors to consistently outperform competing products on the market.

This extremely strong mesh material makes it nearly impossible for intruders to break in. Conveniently, these doors not only keep out intruders, but they’re also insect-resistant.

Another benefit is that they are available in a variety of styles to suit your home. You can choose stackable, sliding, hinged or decorative doors for your home.

Window Security Screens

Crimsafe uses the same tensile-tough mesh technology on windows. They use non-moving panels than can be made to fit almost any window size. These security window screens can be used on awnings, sliding windows, double-hung windows, and casement systems.

3M Security Film

You can add another level of protection to add to your security windows and doors by installing a clear security film. Security window film is a product that can be professionally placed on top of the windows in your home. These films prevent glass windows and doors from breaking upon impact which is very helpful in preventing home invasion. In addition, the solar films can help lower your energy costs by keeping your house cooler in the hot Summer months and warmer throughout Winter.


Which Home Security System is Best?

Home security is an important thing to consider, especially if you live in a higher crime area. In 2016, there were 188,756 reported instances of unlawful entry in Australia. If you want to have the greatest peace of mind, the best security solution is to combine a good monitoring system and strong physical barriers.

The multiple levels of protection provided by a professional home security system will not only make you feel safer but will likely deter an intruder from ever coming back to your household again.

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