Outdoor patio enclosures are a great way to enjoy your patio year-round.

Patios can extend the homes’ living space or be used as an outdoor entertaining area. They can either be enclosed, open, or retractable in various styles whilst providing a unique addition to the home.

Here is a list of different patio types to help you find the perfect patio enclosure for your needs!

1. Enclosed Sunroom

Enclosed sunrooms are a great way to expand your home and enjoy outdoor living throughout the year.

This is because they provide protection from outdoor elements such as rain, wind and the harsh sun yet still allow natural light through the windows and doors.

Furthermore, the design of the enclosed sunroom and the materials used for the walls and doors alters its suitability for different climates.

Sunroom with Glass Walls

outdoor patio with ceiling to floor glass walls and doors

A sunroom completed with glass walls allows an immense amount of light to flow through while still providing shade from the hot sun. This option creates a minimal look and allows an eased transition from the backyard to inside the home.

If you would like this option yet live in a hot climate, adding tinting to the glass windows and doors can be an efficient way to keep the patio cool during hot summer days.

If you live in a cool climate, double glazing your windows is the perfect option as they work as an insulative barrier, keeping the cold air out and the warmth in. Double glazing is also a good option as they provide an up to 60% noise reduction, so they will keep the inside quieter if there is severe weather outside.

Sunroom with Flyscreen Walls

A sunroom enclosure with flyscreen walls and windows is a great option to make your sunroom feel open yet keep annoying insects out. This type of open patio space is the optimal choice for warm climates if you want to enjoy the flow of fresh air while sitting outside.

If this type of sunroom sounds right for you, but you want to keep unwanted visitors out, Crimsafe sunrooms are the perfect option for you! Crimsafe patio enclosures can keep you and your family safe while keeping your outdoor area looking stylish.

Sunroom with Insulated Wall Panels

patio with insulated walls and single hung windows

If you live in an area that undergoes extreme weather conditions, a sunroom with insulated walls can help manage the temperature of your outdoor room.
This is the perfect option for people who want a second living space and a scenic view while staying cosy inside.

2. Solarium Patio

outdoor solarium style patio

A solarium patio is a glass enclosure that’s walls, and roofing panels are all made of glass. There is much room for stylising this enclosed patio with different woods or metals as lining.

These glass enclosures are similar to an indoor greenhouse, making them ideal for growing plants or flowers year-round! Solariums are also perfect for enjoying with guests at night as you can watch the stars while you enjoy each other’s company.

If you live in a warmer climate and are worried about it becoming too hot, you have the option to tint or double glass the patio. Also, if you live in a cooler climate, double glazing can keep out the cold, allowing you to efficiently heat the solarium from the inside.

3. Retractable Patios

patio with bifold doors

If the climate where you live dramatically shifts between summer and winter, a patio with retractable walls can be the perfect solution to enjoy outdoor living all year long!

With this outdoor living space, you can close your bifold doors while it is too hot or cold, then when the weather is perfect open the walls to enjoy your patio as part of your backyard.

4. Open Patio Home Extension


An open patio home extension allows homeowners to expand living spaces while not taking away too much of their outdoor area. This type of patio is typically attached to the back or side of a house and constructed from steel roofing.

These patios offer a solution for people living in hot climates who want to be outdoors, yet avoid sitting in direct sunlight.

Upgrade Your Patio with Doors and Windows From Clearview

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