Your holiday is booked, you’re packed and set to shoot off for that well-deserved break, but something is niggling at you and it’s this: the security of your home in your absence.

Let’s face it, when you’re stuck worrying about your home being burgled while you’re away it’s not the best foundation for true rest and relaxation.

We thought we’d help you get a fair go at a decent holiday by providing you with some tips to help maximise your chill time and have what’s happening back at home base be the last thing on your mind.


Basic “going away” checklist

Most of the items on this list will be the things you have already thought to do, but we mention them anyway because we know how it is; getting ready for a holiday often means a frantic race to the departure date.

Of course, with such a mad rush about, you risk arriving at your holiday destination only to realise you forgot to do something important! This makes you anxious when instead you’re supposed to be footloose and fancy-free, enjoying time with family and friends.

Make sure you:

  • Make arrangements for your pets (and plants) to be watered, fed and cared for
  • Set your mailbox to be emptied– or place a stop while you’re gone
  • Place your valuable items in a safe and out of sight place
  • Ask trusted neighbours to keep eyes peeled in your absence
  • Keep away plans under wraps and don’t advertise it on social media!


Tidy up your property

If your lawn is growing long and full rubbish bins are left outside for all to see, it’s a fair sign to folks that nobody is home.

Make sure you do your best to tidy your home before you head off and pack your wheelie bins away and out of sight!

House sitter

Harness housesitting help

One way to allay your fears of your home staying safe while you’re on holiday is to have a house sitter come and live at your property while you are away.

Think through each of your friends and family members and ask them too if they know of a suitable housesitter in their network, one you know you will feel good about living in your home and taking care of matters while you’re gone.

If you’re completely without options among your social circle, search online in your city. Official housesitting membership portals, with police cleared housesitters can really help you in this situation and often have no additional cost attached.


Set up a security system

If you haven’t already, consider installing a home security system.  It’s easy to assume it’s not necessary – until you experience a break in!  In fact, while only 17 percent of homes have alarm systems, those that remain are three times more likely to experience a burglary.

The most ‘alarming’ thing about enduring an incident is the destruction of property that can result. Besides theft, your home can also suffer vandalism and severe damage from intruders that is invasive and of the sentimental kind. This kind is the most difficult to deal with.

The investment in a security system will not only help your peace of mind and simplify things when you go away, but you’ll also find it will increase your home’s market value should you ever wish to sell!

At Clearview Security, we assess each customer’s needs and budget, and tailor a system to suit. Like many things, one size does not necessarily fit all!

Basic components to consider including are:


Install smart security

Smart security options are a way of harnessing technology to make your home as secure as possible in all circumstances. These are becoming more and more popular because a smart system gives you a clear sense of control since you can log in to it remotely via an app and ‘see’ what is happening on site.

Smart security includes tools such as:

  • House monitoring
  • Smart door locks
  • Cameras and motion sensors
  • Smartphone apps
  • Video doorbell
  • Phone sensors
  • Smart switching lights on timers

sliding security doors with glass


Lock up and leave be

Once you’ve taken whatever precautions you’re happy taking and feel good about your home’s security while you’re away, run through this final lock-n-leave list:

  • Draw curtains and blinds, blocking views inside
  • Remove or place in a safe any spare keys, wallets, jewellery, laptops or cash
  • Unplug electronics and switch off at plug outlets
  • Shut off your water at the main switch
  • Check batteries in smoke alarms and security devices
  • Ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked

If you feel you need to step up your home security game, please don’t struggle through the guesswork alone.

At Clearview Security, we really are here to help keep your home secure and safe so please get in touch.