As the need for home protection continues to increase, so should the means available to protect our most significant investment.

The level of security and defense needed today is not just about keeping intruders at bay and our families safe. It also requires shielding us from the forces of mother nature and the harsh realities of our climate.

So just how do we protect ourselves and our homes from the elements and unwanted intruders?

Crimsafe security screens and doors are more than just dividers between inside and out; they are a protective barrier between you and the elements, both natural and unnatural.

Crimsafe vs. Crimsafe Ultimate

crimsafe screen detail

Both of the protective security screen lines produced by Crimsafe exceed all expectations. Whether it’s a door, window, or specialty areas like emergency exits or pool fences, the super strong mesh technology can be adapted to fit any need. This technology is at the heart of Crimsafe’s high level of performance.

The Crimsafe screen construction starts with strands that measure 0.9mm 304 structural grade stainless steel. It’s these strands that make up the sturdy mesh screen. This greater width translates to greater density when the strands are wrapped together, making it more difficult to cut or pierce.

The mesh secures to the frame with a patented Crimsafe fastening system called Screw-Clamp. This system grips the mesh like a vice, binding it to the structure. This means when repeatedly struck with blows, the mesh absorbs the energy and is less likely to be pulled from the frame.

Crimsafe Ultimate takes the security of the mesh and Screw-Clamp systems and fortifies them even further.

What’s the Difference?

crimsafe security screen crosssection

Crimsafe screen cross-section

crimsafe security screen crosssection

Crimsafe Ultimate screen cross-section


Crimsafe Ultimate is 40% stronger than the standard Crimsafe range. The Ultimate line achieves this strength due to twice the number of screws in the fastening system, a broader frame, and a durable clip-on cover that hides the screws from an intruder.


Since Crimsafe screens are built to their installation requirements, your cost will vary depending on the individual needs of your home. Whether it’s a simple security door or a full set of security screens for every window, you’ll want a professional to measure and create a specific spec sheet and price quote for your house.

With the added protection, expect Crimsafe Ultimate to come with a higher price tag for both product and installation costs.

Security Standards and Impact

Crimsafe Regular and Crimsafe Ultimate are both designed to exceed the Australian Standard for an acceptable security screen.

The Australian Standard stands at 5×100 Joule (J) per impact. In tests conducted by The University of Queensland, the Crimsafe Regular exceeds that with a single impact level of 550J. The Crimsafe Ultimate performs even better with a level of 750J.

Benefits of Crimsafe and Crimsafe Ultimate

When spending time in your home, peace of mind about your security is important, but it’s not the only thing that matters. You also want to feel safe and comfortable when relaxing with your loved ones.

Thankfully, both Crimsafe Regular and Crimsafe Ultimate have you covered.

Aside from their ability to handle sudden, forced impact by intruders, both Crimsafe screens are durable and stand up against the harsh and demanding elements of nature.


Flying debris from storms and cyclones can wreak havoc in a home, particularly the doors and windows. Crimsafe screens can help minimize this damage in winds of up to 392kph.


Coastal corrosion, another seaside concern, can eat away the majority of metal screens over time. Crimsafe screens, however, are made to exceed corrosion standards including the Australian Standard Salt Spray Test and the Prohesion Accelerated Test.

Heat and UV Rays

Not just for coastal areas, the Crimsafe security screen is also developed to face the searing heat of summer by blocking up to 62% of UV rays yet still permitting air to pass through your home to keep it as cool as possible.

Fire Protection

Even with the all-consuming element of fire, a Crimsafe screen can help protect your property from widespread damage. Rated to Bushfire Attack Level BAL-FZ and meeting the Australian Standard for heat attenuation, you get additional protection against one of the hardest forces to protect against.

Insect Resistant

As a deterrent against insects and mosquitos, few products surpass the protective barrier of a Crimsafe screen, with tests showing an effective rate of up to 99% in keeping mosquitos at bay.

Energy Efficient

A lot of the heat transfer in your home happens through the windows. That is also where you lose a lot of money. By keeping this transfer to a minimum, the Crimsafe screen helps to maintain the heat you want and avoid adding the heat you don’t. Not only does this equal a more comfortable home, but a more comfortable energy bill.


Finally, what good is protection unless you have something to back it up. Crimsafe offers a standard warranty of 10 years on both Crimsafe standard and Crimsafe Ultimate. Register your investment online, and the Regular warranty will increase by two years, with the Ultimate product warranty expanding to 15 years.


As a place for relaxation, your home is an escape from the harsh realities of the everyday world. Regardless if you’re looking for security, safety, comfort, or a combination of the three, make sure your home stays secure with Crimsafe Regular or Crimsafe Ultimate security screens.

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