Despite the inherent strength and durability of security doors and windows (thanks to their stainless steel or tough aluminium composition), these fixtures still require periodic care and attention to keep them looking their best over time.

This is especially so when it comes to the proximity of your home or commercial property to coastal air.  With continuous exposure to high concentrations of salty air, your security doors and windows will require an increased level of maintenance as compared with those fitted further inland.

We’ve put together a location-based care guide for your security window and door maintenance.

Security Window & Door Maintenance for Coastal Areas

House with security doors near the oceanThe fact is, close proximity to the ocean carries a higher risk of material weathering. Regular maintenance is therefore essential, in order to prevent the exterior parts of your home from deteriorating. And this obviously extends to the maintenance of your security doors and windows.

If a property with security windows and / or doors is 500m to 1 kilometre from the ocean’s shoreline or beachfront, the concentration of breaking surf moisture will be high.  This means you’re roughly looking at a cleaning frequency of once every 2 to 4 weeks.

Even more frequent cleaning is necessary if the distance is less than 500m from the beachfront.  In such cases, the salt residue will need to be cleaned from security door and window surfaces as often as every 1 to 2 weeks.

Security Door and Window Upkeep for Inland Areas

Sliding security screen doors at a house in PerthWhen security doors and windows are fitted to buildings which are further afield from the ocean, the risk of material deterioration, including oxidation,  and harmful build-up of salt-based residues are less of a concern.

If your security windows and doors are located 1km to 10km’s from the beachfront, then your cleaning and maintenance frequency will sit somewhere within the 1 to 3-month mark.

If your location, however, is further than 10kms from the ocean, then you will really only have to think about routine maintenance once every six months.

Also, it’s helpful to know that if you live near a freshwater lake or similar, this will represent no risk to your security doors and windows at all due to the lack of / low salt content.

Security Door & Window Resistance to Weathering

Security doors and windows that are compliant with Australian standards (AS5039) are designed and fabricated to withstand external force and weathering. They are extremely durable, however some care is still required to maintain product appearance.

Authentic stainless-steel security mesh is highly resistant to corrosion and can genuinely last a lifetime, provided the integrity of the pre-treatment and further powder coating is not damaged.  However, because of its’ close-knit design, all mesh will trap a percentage of airborne dust, dirt and, if near the coast, salt deposits.

Over time, if not cleaned with optimal regularity, these deposits may result in your security doors and windows developing a stained appearance. This kind of stain – triggered by a build-up of salt, moisture and airborne dirt – can leave your security mesh with reddish stains. Or, if the build-up is predominantly from salty air and ocean moisture, the stains will display a whitish tinge.

The Best Cleaning Products for Security Doors & Windows

When it comes to cleaning, it helps to think of your security doors and windows in the same way you’d think of cleaning your car – and use similar cleaning products.

Essentially, what is required is a thorough rinse and gentle scrub down of your frames and mesh with a non-abrasive sponge or brush, using warm water and a wash-and-wax soapy solution.

This simple process is finished off with a rinse of clean water and wiping off moisture excess, using a soft, dry cloth.

Want more specifics? Check out our step-by-step cleaning guide for security doors and windows.

If you are looking for cleaning products more specific to the brand of security doors and windows you are familiar with, or if you have any other maintenance questions, ask the Clearview team who are equipped and happy to help.