Proper maintenance is a necessary component in the care of almost anything you own, including those things that don’t seem to ‘need’ maintenance.

For most people, regular security screen doors fall under the category of ‘no maintenance needed’ unless they become visibly dirty, and this is sometimes okay. However, security screen doors do require (and should receive) regular cleaning so they are able to perform their intended function: improved home security.

Regular cleaning and care for your security door will help prevent build up of dirt and debris, decrease the chances of rust developing (which would majorly decrease the security features of your door), and will also keep the door looking nice.

The front door (usual placement for security screen doors) is the first impression your house will make on guests.

security screen doors in back of home

1. Consider the location of your security doors

The location you live in will determine how frequently you need to clean the screen. Some climates will allow you to clean quarterly while others will necessitate a twice-monthly cleaning schedule to stay ahead of any issues that may arise.

Beyond the climate, the amount of traffic that occurs in your residential (or business) area and the level of pollution will also factor into the cleaning schedule.

cleaning products on deck outside


2. Choose the right cleaning products for your security doors

The location of your security doors will dictate what the best cleaning products will be. Ask the following questions: What effects does the environment have on your door? How much pollution and dirt is your door exposed to?

For simple dirt removal, a mild soap and water mixture with a soft cloth will do the trick. For coastal and humid locations, you’ll want a product that’s aimed at preventing corrosion or removing salt.

Not sure what cleaning product is best for your security door? Check with your distributor or installer – certain brands have specially created cleaners that are formulated to be compatible with their products.

Obviously, you want to pick the best cleaning solution that meets your needs over one that will only do part of what you require it to.

With any cleaner we’d recommend checking it against the manufacturer’s warranty, the best security doors will come with a warranty and you’ll want to make sure you don’t do anything to void it.


3. Give dirty screen doors a deep clean

Before you get to the actual cleaning, you’ll want to wipe or vacuum the screen door to remove any loose dirt.

The door

Then give your door a quick wipe-down with a clean, damp cloth. Next, use the solution you’ve chosen to clean your screen door according to the directions on the package.

For major build up, using a bristle brush will work to loosen it up. Avoid using sandpaper or other harsh abrasives that will cause surface scratches or damage the finish of your door.

Use clean water to rinse well and repeat until clean, wiping with a dry cloth to remove excess water.

Frame and tracks

The next step is to clean the frame and tracks for your door. Use a soft brush and cloth and the same solution as you used for the screen. Keep the liquid from going into any part of the locking mechanism, this could cause damage your door and lead to malfunction.

Screws and hardware

For the mechanical door elements, use graphite powder if needed. Avoid using WD-40 or anything similar, as it attracts dust and could cause damage.

Throughout the cleaning, use as little pressure as possible to get the job done; security screens are hardier than normal screens, but can still be damaged by excessive force.

How often should you clean?

Environment Description Cleaning Interval
Mild More than 10 km from beachfront
or sheltered bay
Every 6 months
Moderate 1 km to 10 km from beachfront
or sheltered bay
2 to 3 months
Marine 500m to 1 km from beachfront or
100m to 1 km or sheltered bay
2 to 4 weeks
Severe Marine Within 500m of beachfront or
within 100m of a sheltered bay
1 to 2 weeks

Source: Crimsafe care guide

And there you have it, with a little TLC, you can restore your security screen doors to looking as good as new! Want to learn more about security screens? Check out our blog today!