Is there such a thing as making your home too secure?!

It’s all well and good to protect and secure your home, but what if the unthinkable happens and you need to escape your home in an emergency?

While it’s incredibly unlikely that you will ever need to flee your home with little to no warning, you do need consider ways to keep intruders out without compromising your family’s safety in an emergency.

Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape emergency window screen systems are specially manufactured with a quick-release design – you unlock them from the inside with the push of a button (or handle if you choose Crimsafe Ultimate). You can also choose whether the screen swings in or out when opened.

Key features of the Safe-S-Scape security system include:

  • Keyless exit and quick release,
  • Easy access to glass windows handy for cleaning,
  • Peace of mind knowing the bad guys are locked out while you and your family are not locked in.

Protecting the Family

For the Davison family in West Perth, there was no question that the Safe-S-Cape would be incorporated into their home security.

But with a double-storey home and two active and inquisitive toddlers in the house, careful consideration and planning needed to be given to ensure little fingers couldn’t accidentally open windows with potentially tragic consequences.

The Result

Safe-s-capes security window screenThe team at Clearview Security set out to give them the best advice on where to place the regular Crimsafe security screens and where to place the Safe-S-Cape system throughout their large home.

Once a solution was agreed, the screens were custom manufactured at Clearview’s workshop in Osborne Park. Installation took place just 2 weeks later.

The Davison family enjoyed the ease of the process – from the initial consultation right through to completion – and were delighted with the end result.

For me, I can’t put a price on the comfort of knowing my family are safe in their own home. With such young children, it’s vital to me to know they are protected from intruders yet we have a system in place to escape the house in a hurry if we ever need.”   Mr. Davison.

How to Protect Your Family from Fire

Did you know that more than fifty Australians tragically lose their lives each year from residential fires and that most of these deaths were preventable?

In addition to incorporating Safe-S-Cape emergency window screens at strategic points in your home, there are a number of things you can do to protect your family and home from a fire.

Here are our top picks:

  • Maintain smoke alarms around your home; ensure these are checked regularly and are installed in all bedrooms,
  • Use caution around any open flame; do not leave candles or similar unattended,
  • Cook safely; turn all pot handles towards the back of the stovetop and always stay in the kitchen while cooking,
  • Do not leave appliances on while not in use; check cords regularly and turn off and unplug heaters when you leave home or go to bed for the evening.

And just like the Davison family, make sure your loved ones all know the escape options within your home and which screens are designed to be opened in an emergency.

Ensure all other exits are clear of hazards, practice a fire escape drill twice a year and nominate a safe place to meet.

Want More Information on our Emergency Window Screens?

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We’d be delighted to answer all your questions and even arrange a free measure and quote.