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Warranty & Care

Secure for years to come.

Warranty Guarantee

All Crimsafe products are covered with an instant 10 year warranty. Regular Crimsafe products gain an additional 2-year warranty and Crimsafe ultimate an additional 5-year warranty when registered online after purchase. We’ve got you covered.

Insurance Excess

We are so confident in the strength and durability of our products, that in the unlikely instance that someone breaks through a Crimsafe Clearview Security screen or door, we will pay for any insurance excess!

Your safety and your belongings are important to us, that’s why we put quality and service first, every time.


We only use products that are of the highest quality. Crimsafe , Crimsfe Ultimate and 3M products always exceed the relevant Australian and industry standards for security.

The use of specialisied tools, and quality supplies guarantees you long-lasting security. We complete the following tests just to be 100% sure;

  • Dynamic impact test
  • Jimmy test
  • Pull test
  • Knife shear test
  • Probe test


Reliable and timely. We pride ourselves in our professional attitude towards all jobs, no matter how big or how small. If we are behind schedule, we will always contact you to advise you of our expected arrival time.


Feeling secure does not mean foregoing, style, elegance or the character of your home. We have a huge range of different finishes, colours and unique designs to choose from. If none of these suit you, we can custom design your product.


Crimsafe provides a high quality mesh, which is highly corrosion resistant. However despite this it can act as a filter for trapping unwanted materials. This may consist of the following;

  • Airborne impurities which result in reddish marks
  • Salt build up (especially apparent in area's close to the ocean) which result in fluffy white marks

It is therefore essential that routine maintenance occurs as to keep your security door, window or screen in pristine condition and proper working order. For this reason all Clearview security products come with an after-care manual, which details the best way to maintain your product.

For more information on the warranty and care of our Crimsafe products, please visit

Trusted · Reliable · Safe

Clearview Security provides strong and reliable, home, office and commercial security supplies. All of our products go above and beyond the industry standards, to ensure you and your belongings are secure.

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