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To ensure that this website is able to be accessed by as many users as possible we cater for people who:

  • Have a visual disability or are required to use assistive technologies;
  • Have a difficulty comprehending text;
  • Are unable to use or do not have a keyboard or mouse;
  • Have a poor internet connection speed;
  • Are accessing information using a small screen, such as a mobile phone or a hand–held device.

Accessibility features of this website

Adjusting the page zoom of this website

You can use your browsers zoom feature to enlarge the entire website:

For Google Chrome Users

On Apple OSX hold ‘Command’ and press the ‘+’ (plus) or ‘-‘ (minus) keys.
On Microsoft Windows hold ‘Control’ and press the ‘+’ (plus) or ‘-‘ (minus) keys.

For Internet Explorer 7 & 8 Users

Navigate to the ‘View’ menu and select the ‘Zoom’ option or for keyboard users hold ‘Control’ and press the ‘+’ (plus) or ‘-’ (minus) keys.

For Internet Explorer 9 & 10 Users

Navigate to the Cog icon (settings icon) menu and select the ‘Zoom’ option or for keyboard users hold ‘Control’ and press the ‘+’ (plus) or ‘-’ (minus) keys.

For Firefox Users

Navigate the ‘View’ menu and select the ‘Zoom’ option or for keyboard users hold ‘Control’ and press the ‘+’ (plus) or ‘-’ (minus) keys.

For Safari Users

Navigate to the ‘View’ menu and select ‘Zoom In’ or ‘Zoom Out’or for keyboard users hold ‘Command’ and press the ‘+’ (plus) or ‘-’ (minus) keys.

Navigational Aids

To ensure users that are unable to use a mouse or who navigate with a screen reader we have enabled multiple ways to navigate.

Tab-based Navigation

Tab-based navigation is enabled for this website. The website navigation has a main menu of menu items and each of these menu items has a sub menu of items.

  • To navigate to a link that is active press enter.
  • When navigating to a main menu item, its associated sub menu items will be displayed automatically
  • Pressing enter on a sub menu item will navigate to that page
  • To navigate in reverse hold ‘shift’ as you press tab

Please note that within Safari as of version 5.1.2 this feature is disabled by default. To enable it navigate to the Preferences window, select the advanced tab and ensure ‘Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage’ is checked.

Skip-to Navigation

Skip-to navigation has been provided to allow for quicker keyboard navigation. To access the skip-to navigation on any page press ‘tab’.

This website has the following skip-to navigation options:
To skip the main website navigation select the ‘Skip to content’ option.
To skip to the main website menu select the ‘Skip to main menu’ option.



Breadcrumbs are a series of links that help define your current location on the website. To navigate to a previous page, click or tap any of the preceding links of the current page.

Other Accessibility Features

Printer Friendly

This website has been designed to make printing of any page easier. To print any page follow the following steps:

For Windows Users
Hold ‘Control’ and press ‘p’.

For Apple OSX Users
Hold ‘Command’ and press ‘p’

Access to additional plugins

Whilst navigating this site you may find files that require additional software to be used. We have provided some useful links below.

For PDF Documents

For Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel Documents

For more accessibility information about your browser

Support for Safari

Accessibility features for Chrome

Accessibility features for Firefox

Accessibility features for Microsoft Products

Accessibility features for Opera Products

Please note these links lead to external websites and we are unable to offer support for issues encountered.

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